We are Volt Engineers

Engineers and beyond

We are technical professionals who recognize the great challenges of our time. Since our continent and the world face formidable technical transitions in the decades ahead, the principles and outlook of Volt, the pan-European movement, resonate with us.

And so do Volt’s 5+1 Challenges:

  1. Smart State
  2. Economic Renaissance
  3. Social Equality
  4. Global Balance
  5. Citizen Empowerment

     +1. EU Reform

Across the continent, and all sectors and industries, we are:

  • craftsmen and women
  • hands-on technicians
  • practical engineers
  • natural sciences academics
  • engineering scientists
  • information technology specialists
  • technician and engineering students

Volt Engineers are inspired by the movement’s pragmatism and willingness to learn from others. They share the optimism for economic opportunity presented by the technology shifts that are already taking place.

Tough technology choices
In the decades ahead, politicians and public administrators face making ever more challenging – sometimes controversial – policies and laws, as well as large scale public investment decisions. These decisions affect anything from technical infrastucture, health care facilities and digital payment systems, to chemical processes, food technologies, transporation solutions and secure energy sypply … and any discipline in between.
Whenever we can, from all across Europe, Volt Engineers offer support to politicians and administrators who make policies, laws and investment decisions. We do so because we are firmly convinced that the challenges which Europe and the world face, require extremely large scale new technologies and innovative technical solutions. Since money can be spent only once, prudent decision making is critical, determining which sustainable technical solution to allocate public funds to.
We share our knowledge and experience in engineering design, equipment manufacturing and infrastructure construction, IT systems implemention, project budgeting and management, production operations and more.

Climate and ecology considerations

We stand prepared to help guide in considering various climate-sustainable and ecology-sustainable options for technical solutions. And we steer clear of non-sustainable solutions.


The missing link

We share our knowledge and expertise in technical disciplines, because generally they are in short supply in decision making in politics and public administration. Thus, Volt Engineers aim to contribute the technical component to a balanced desicion mix:

  • technical solution, intended life span, public budget
  • climate-ecology goals and impact
  • socio-economic goals and impact



Volt Engineers are independent volunteers who receive no compensation. They serve as guides toward sustainable technical solutions which Europe and the world so badly need in the transitions of the decades ahead.

Given the enormity of the technical impact on society, climate, ecology and economy due to un-balanced political decisions, the scope of the guidance of a Volt Engineer is necessarily limited. Yet the initial pointing in the right direction is what she/he is all about: toward valuable sources of technical knowledge and expertise which a politician or public administrator may want to take into consideration (e.g. study reports, technical projects and solutions already in place in another country, experienced technical companies, engineering firms and contractors, specialist research institutions and universities of technology).