Sectors & Industries

Volt Engineers is still young.

As we mature, we aim to include as many sectors and industries as we can enlist experts for, across all categories:

  • craftsmen and women
  • technicians
  • engineers
  • natural sciences academics
  • engineering scientists
  • information techn. specialists
  • students

Artificial Intelligence
Bio Engineering
Chemical & Process
Civil Engineering
Climate Technology
Computer Science
Data Science
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering

Energy Systems
Food Technology
Health Care
Information Technology
Live Stock
Mechanical Systems
Minerals & Mining
Systems Engineering
Technology Scenarios & Planning
Waste Management
Water Management

Examples of typical requests for technical guidance to be submitted to Volt Engineers

Politicians and public administrators facing a dilemma look for guidance where to obtain technical information for consideration in their policy making.

In parliament it needs to be decided where to plan the train bridge across the river ABC
Request for guidance Which well positioned infrastructure planning engineering firms should be consulted?

Dilemma The EU prepares updated data privacy legislation
Request for guidance Which countries already have similar strict regulations in place and where can I read about it?

Dilemma In my community, I need to approve placement of wind turbines, but I am not sure which manufacturers to consider
Request for guidance Where do I find literature on an overview of wind turbine solutions?

Dilemma Our national steel company will need to comply with soon-to-be-implemented regulation forcing drastic reduction of CO2-emissions
Request for guidance Which low CO2-emitting steel making processes exist, to be considered as viable alternatives, and where are they commercially operational?