Become a VE

Want to become a Volt Engineer ?

If you are inspired by the pan-European movement Volt and its 5+1 Challenges, and you are considering to offer your technical expertise for the common good, you are at the right place!

We definitely would like to receive your application. But first, please make sure that you fit at least one of these categories:

  • craftsman or woman
  • technician
  • engineer
  • natural sciences academic
  • engineering scientist
  • information technology specialist
  • student
If so, don’t hesitate and make sure you studied the page We are Volt Eingineers, and then sign up here!

Task of a Volt Engineer
Requests for technical expertise are entered on this website. A particular request is then routed to you and colleague VE’s matching your field of expertise called for in the request.
As flexibility is key, a VE is under no obligation to respond to requests.
Namely, as a VE you judge yourself if you qualify and if you have time to respond.
If you feel confident that there is a match between the request and your expertise, you respond.

Benefits of being a Volt Engineer

You are provided the opportunity to:

  • contribute to the 5+1 Challenges of Volt
  • contribute to sustainable technical solutions to help counter climate and ecology threats
  • be part of a Europe-wide network of skilled technical professionals
  • enrich yourself through exposure to a vast body of knowledge and experts, opening up new possibilities

What is Volt Engineers, and what is not ?

Volt Engineers is not a company which builds or installs bridges, schools, heating systems, chemical equipment, agricultural machines, medical devices, bicycles, telephones, databases or websites. VE is not an engineering firm which designs all of the above. VE is not an academic institution which specializes in innovative sustainable technologies.

So then, what is Volt Engineers?

Volt Engineers are individuals who posses  technical and technology expertise, as well as project management and project finance expertise, gained in the course of their vocational, professional and academic careers.

VE’s are non-aligned individuals, available to point politicians and public administrators in the right direction. VE’s provide guidance regarding policies and laws that require technical solutions. Collectively they are a vast knowledgebase. They point polititicians and administrators toward:

  • similar solutions already in place in other cities or countries
  • forgotton valuable assessment reports on solutions that have been produced in the past
  • engineering firms that possess the required expertise
  • companies that have construction, installation, finance and project management expertise

Volt Engineers are volunteers who contribute without compensation because:

  • they are convinced that, although modest, their involvement is significant as they help secure a better balanced mix in political and administration decision making
  • Europe and the world simply cannot afford to make mistakes by not considering the sustainability of options of technical solutions
  • scarse public funding must be spent in the most responsible way